Our Mission


Our Brand: Elevating the Coat Experience

At Brackman Coats, we've built our brand around a simple yet powerful concept: specialization. We believe that by dedicating our expertise to one exceptional product, we can offer our customers something truly extraordinary - the perfect wool and cashmere coat. This singular focus sets us apart in the world of men's fashion, and it's the reason why our brand shines brightly in a sea of choices.


The Perfection of Specialization

Many men's clothing companies offer an extensive range of products, from suits to pants to shirts, and of course, coats. While these brands may have some beautiful winter wool and cashmere coats in their collections, they often cannot dedicate the same level of expertise and perfection to a single product. Our brand is different. We have honed our skills, craftsmanship, and passion to create the ideal coat. This relentless pursuit of perfection has allowed us to develop a product that stands as a testament to uncompromising quality.


The Smooth Customer Experience

By focusing exclusively on one product, we have created an unparalleled customer experience. When you seek a wool or cashmere coat, we believe that you deserve a smooth, effortless journey to find the perfect piece. Searching for the ideal coat online shouldn't be a daunting task; it should be an enjoyable and satisfying experience. When you enter our website, you gain access to the best chance of discovering exactly what you desire without endless searching and sifting through countless brands. At Brackman Coats, we represent the epitome of quality, and our ethos is to make your shopping experience as seamless and satisfying as possible.


Investing in Quality: Elevating Life

By choosing quality, you impact your life in a profoundly positive way. We firmly believe that investing in well-crafted, durable products enriches your daily experience. When you choose quality over cheaper alternatives, you affirm your worth and value as an individual. Quality garments, such as our coats, are not just pieces of clothing; they're an embodiment of self-respect and appreciation for the finer things in life. We invite you to treat yourself to the luxury of quality clothing, elevating not just your style but also the way you perceive yourself. Your life is worth it, and your quality of life is enhanced by making choices that reflect your inherent value.


In essence, our brand's uniqueness lies in our unwavering commitment to creating the finest wool and cashmere coats. We don't dilute our efforts across various product lines. Instead, we focus on mastering the art of crafting the perfect coat, and in doing so, we provide a distinct and exceptional experience for our customers. Brackman Coats: Where specialization meets perfection, and quality is never compromised, because you deserve the very best.

My Story

   My name is Mendel Brackman and I am the founder and owner of Brackman Coats. My passion for men's fashion and love for winter style inspired me to create my own line of winter coats. I hold a strong belief in self-respect and believe that it is reflected in the quality of our coats. I firmly believe that the success of a company is not solely based on its brand name, but on the dedication and integrity invested in the creation of each product, with the customer's satisfaction in mind. I also believe that having a wardrobe filled with high-quality, long-lasting items can have a positive impact on one's overall well-being. That is my personal philosophy and the foundation upon which BrackmanCoats was built.