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Brackman Custom

Custom Suit Booking

Custom Suit Booking

For those who want to customize their coat, or just can't find one that will fit, we offer a personal fitting to make a garment just for you. In addition to coats, the Brackman Brand also offers Men's Custom Suits, Shirts, and Wedding Tuxedoes/Kapotos. Book a Custom Suit or Custom Coats fitting today. Must be in New York City. 
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  • Step #1- Getting Measured & Designing the Suit

    This is where the process of creating your custom suit begins. We will start by taking your measurements. Once that's done, you can choose the fabric, lining, and buttons. Finally, you will have the opportunity to design every detail of the suit, from the lapels to the cuffs, and everything in between.

  • Step #2- The First Fitting

    Under 4 weeks have passed and your custom suit has arrived. At this stage, you'll see the designs you chose come to life. We'll have you try it on to determine any necessary adjustments for the proper fit.

  • Step #3- Take Your Suit Home!

    Upon completion of necessary alterations by a professional tailor, your suit undergoes a second fitting to confirm its readiness. Now you can confidently wear it for the occasion you intended.