How To Buy The Best Coat

  Here at Brackman Coats, we know exactly where we stand, and would therefore like to give you the customer some insight into the world of men’s coats. We don’t claim to make the most luxurious coats in the market, and neither the cheapest and most affordable. However, we do produce a coat that is as luxurious as coat’s that cost $2000, yet at a reasonable price point. To give you some context, here are 3 tier in the coat market that will allow you to understand just where we stand.

Tier 1

This first tier of coats are all the classic styles, but at quite an affordable price, somewhere between $200-$500. Something that you can never go wrong with when just looking for a coat for a season or two. Not made with Italian fabrics, these products tend to not last as long and don’t look as polished. But when you are just looking for a convenient way to get the winter under way, this is the easiest way to go. As far as manufacturing goes, this segment of men’s wear is primarily made in Asia or at times Eastern Europe. Turkey is also a classic destination for first tier fashion brands. 

Here are a few examples of coats that fit into this first category.

  • Michael Kors Classic 3 button Coat. Coming in a variety of colors, there is a coat for everyone. Made from a combination of wool and nylon with a touch of cashmere. Not woven with 100% organic fibers, this fabric allows for an affordable option as the fabric costs are less than a pure wool and cashmere blend.
  • J Crew Navy PeacoatHere is another example of a classic and affordable coat, this peacoat has been in style for decades. It's a half length coat, made with a blend of wool and nylon fiber. For someone who needs a casual winter option, this is a good choice. Again made with some synthetic fibers, this coat isn’t as luxurious, but in doing so gives the every type of person a coat that is low priced.